Yes Sir, Officer Sir

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Look, the Police aren’t perfect. At the low-end of the spectrum, rare is the cop who doesn’t break the basic traffic laws that we’re all held to. At the high-end, megalomania, harassment, violence, injustice of the highest order. But most cops keep it in the lane. And most of them would take a bullet for pretty much anyone. That doesn’t excuse bad behavior, but in my opinion it counts for something. How much you think it does or doesn’t is your business.

Regardless, if you try to argue with or disobey a police officer, you’re an idiot. In some situations, you’re also putting your life and possibly the lives of others in danger.

A police officer holds all the cards. They have all the leverage. Their word is valued above yours. By law, you have to do almost anything they say. And if you don’t, they have many many ways of hurting you. In the worst case scenario – they can kill you. And the police in this country go from “zero to shooting” real quick.

When I was young, I was the afore-mentioned idiot. Whenever my friends and I would get hassled by the cops, I would give them serious attitude. I’d mouth off like I was some sort of constitutional scholar. The only reasons I didn’t pay heavily for that were because a) we never really did much wrong, b) we were exceedingly good at not getting caught for our wrongdoing, c) I was under 18, and d) I was a white male from an affluent suburb.  Even with those things being what they were, I was still very lucky.

Don’t play a game you can’t win. Suck it up. Be respectful. Jump through their hoops. Let the disrespect roll over and off you. Do what they tell you. If your rights are violated, get a lawyer after-the-fact. Ignore this advice at your peril.

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