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When I first got together with the Boss, I thought we had a finite list of “issues” we’d work through. I assumed over the course of our relationship, we’d come to know each other better, learn how to communicate better, and each year things would get better and better until one day we would “arrive”

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Years ago the Boss and I were driving from Knoxville Tennessee to New York City. Somewhere in Virginia, I got pulled over and received a punishing speeding ticket. She had all sorts of emotions I didn’t expect. First was a mix of shock, fear, and embarrassment.¬† Surprisingly, that was the first time she had ever

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Have you ever held the door for someone and they don’t even say thank you? Let a car cut in front of you without getting so much as a wave? Say “bless you” to someone who sneezes without them even giving you a glance. That kind of stuff really used to piss me off. Why?

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This is literal advice. Putting out a campfire thoroughly is a vital responsibility. But if you attempt to do it with your own liquid supply, you will regret it deeply. Let’s just say that creates a kind of steam that you don’t want to be around. Use something you’d drink, or dirt. That is all.